Parallax Style

Advertising a company's product, which may be presented

The first rule is to make the photographer’s life easy. The reason you are being hired as a professional model and we are not pulling someone off the street is that you are going to do things that will allow the shoot to go quickly, easily, and more successfully.

With Headings

This creates a direct flow between the grid and the other full view

Today we’d like to share some inspiration for image grid effects. The idea is to animate the grid item when opening it, the other grid items’ disappearance and the new content. The content shown can be anything from just the larger version.

Fullscreen Style

The demos serve as inspiration for effects and are full solutions

The current image becomes fullscreen and the page gets covered with a circle that comes from opposing sides. Here we have an example of a album grid where the full view is a detailed view of a particular photo album with a description.